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Mushian Cast

Hello Mushian readers! Here you'll find the cast in order of appearence. Major and reoccurring characters will be listed. Please be patient with the images as I don't have color images for everyone yet. Characters will be added as they appear.

- C. Prince

The Main Aphids

Name: Lucia Nerezza
Age: 25
DOB: January 9th
Mushian Race: Ladybug
Ethnic Background: Italian and Welsh
Favorite Mythical Creature: Hideto “hide” Matsumoto
Status: The main lady

Description: Despite being the main character, Lucia often finds herself in the background, overshadowed but a group of friends with extreme personalities. But Lucia has her moments. Like her name implies (light and darkness) Lucia as a mix of sensibilities. Her music player consists of both New Age and Heavy Metal music while her wardrobe is equally spread out over the fashion spectrum. She is probably the most balanced of the five and often acts as a councilor, or a shoulder to cry on when things get tough.

Name: Heinrich “Heiko” Ingwaz
Age: 24
DOB: January 22nd
Mushian Race: Spiny Flower Mantis
Ethnic Background: Danish
Favorite Mythical Creature: The Vikings
Status: Danish LARPer-Mantis

Description: Heiko pwns you. Seriously, what this man can do with latex is frightening. One man’s pile of goo is this mantis’s giant double-headed axe with blood smear action. He enjoys making pancakes, eating them, LARPing, beating Wesley at Super Smash Spiders (a video game), painting Warswatter figures, and spending time with his girlfriend, Lucia. Don’t let his boyish good looks fool you, Mantises are taught their fighting arts from birth and Heiko is an expert in hand to hand (hook to hook?) combat.

Name: Wesley Spindler
Age: 21
DOB: November 4th
Mushian Race: : Brown Recluse Spider
Ethnic Background: American
Favorite Mythical Creature: Jimmy Hendrix
Status: The dream chaser

Description: Wesley is kind of a bum, but he’s a LOVABLE bum. Well lovable to everyone except his sister, Jeanette, who “supports his broke ass.” Wesley is a guy with big dreams and the balls to chase after them. Despite being put down because of being a spider, he keeps on fighting the good fight with his friends always there to support him. His goal is to become a famous guitarist, like his favorite mythical hero, and his grades often suffer for it. Despite all the dreaming and scheming Wesley does have common sense and is by far the most street smart of his group of friends.

Name: Jeanette Spindler
Age: 24
DOB: March 25th
Mushian Race: : Brown Recluse Spider (with Black Widow traits)
Ethnic Background: American
Favorite Mythical Creature: Doesn't have one
Status: The ass- kicker

Description: Jeanette is a tough lady because she has to be. With an idealistic younger brother and gentle-tempered friends she plays role of the mean mama spider and she takes her job seriously. She has the markings of the Black widows (as her ancestor was one of the most brutal Black Widows known, the countess De la Rouge) but she keeps that fact as suppressed as possible. Jeanette has a mind to match her muscle and studies hard to become a scientist (her current focus is on reading and analyzing Doppler shifts in stars). Jeanette is not a spider easily trifled with.

Name: Jorge Miguel Mariposa (A.K.A: Sweet Feet)
Age: 19
DOB: July 15th
Mushian Race: : Iridescent Orange Butterfly
Ethnic Background: Puerto Rican
Favorite Mythical Creature: George Michael, Ricky Martin, and Prince
Status: The beacon of gay

Description: Sweet Feet loves to stir things up and looking good while doing so. His favorite activities include cooking, salsa dancing, studying Mushian History, and terrorizing Heiko. Despite his fun loving nature there is a lot of ugliness in Sweet Feet’s life that threatens to bring this beautiful Mushian down. Sweet Feet is probably the most emotionally stable of the group, as he often has to hide a lot of what goes on in his personal life. Will he stop making excuses and get rid of the destructive people in his life? Only time will tell.

Adjuvant Aphids

Name: Dr. Anthony Marx
Age: 34
DOB: December 5th
Mushian Race: Fire Ant
Ethnic Background: English
Favorite Mythical Creature: Steven Hawking
Status: The laid back professor of science and ethics

Description: Dr. Marx gets the most out of his students by challenging them but keeping his goals for his classes moderate. He teaches several classes on earth science, astronomy as well as science ethics classes, as he believes everyone needs to be ethical, even when creating “Frankenstein monsters.” Outside of the classroom he’s calm, witty, and does take interest in students, he feels, have a future in the scientific fields. His ultimate goal is to prove that Mushians are not alone in the universe.

Name: Jason Hopper
Age: 20
DOB: October 1st
Mushian Race: Common Grasshopper
Ethnic Background: Dutch and Irish
Favorite Mythical Creature: The Hippies
Status: Grass smoking, Cosmic Flower lovin' guy

Description: Jason has strong convictions and good intentions; but more often than not those pave the way to hell for this Cosmic Flower loving grass-hopper (get it?). He’s seen the inside of a jail cell from more times than he’d like to think about for what he considers “the man keeping him down” or what most people refer to as possesion with intent to smoke, snort, and trip balls. Despite this, Jason always sticks up for his friends and is often the one they call when things go wrong. He’s seen as a stabilizer in very chaotic situations, when he’s not causing them himself of course. He’s full of conspiracy theories, mistrust for the government, foreign substances, among other things.

Name: Tomoe Bachi
Age: 22
DOB: July 15th
Mushian Race: Great Asian Hornet
Ethnic Background: Japanese
Favorite Mythical Creature: The Amazons
Status: Lady of rock n roll

Description: Tomoe is a victim of the times. She loves rocking out with her bands and one of them, “Ring Stinger” was signed to a major label in Japan. But their former bad girl shunned the band after the hate propaganda they were spewing really hit home. From that point on she quit the band in hopes of starting fresh with a new message: “she doesn’t need nothing but a good time!” She and her new band mates, brother Suzume and family friend Makoto, came stateside to try their luck. Will they succeed and become a world music super power? Will Tomoe ever fully bury the sins of her past?

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