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Welcome to the Mushian "Fun Stuff" section. Here you will find all of the extra stuff that doesn't fit into the other sections. Fan art, gift art, extra comics, cameos, and anything else I can think of will be put here. If you'd like to submit something to this section, please email me at: Thank you, and enjoy the fun!


Lucia in "Stalag99"
Lucia, who was cryogenically frozen, awakens quite rudely. Then again, if I were waken out of a sound sleep, those poor furs would have gotten a lot worse than words. Anyway, to see Lucia in all her glory, click below (as I'm not allowed to distribute the comic by posting it here.) and of course support Stalag99 by reading it, its a great comic!

Lucia in Stalag99!

Fan and Gift Art

Here you can view all the wonderful art I've gotten for the Mushian comic. I organized them by artist, and if you click on the artist's name you will either be taken to their website or you'll be able to email them directly. Support the artists by visiting their sites, or dropping them a line full of love!

Hopkins, David

Mr. Hopkins is the creator of the webcomic "Jack" which for several years has been my favorite web comic. His style rocks my socks and I was really happy to be able to get my own characters rendered in his style.


Salkafar was the first to participate in a mushian art swap I ran on another forum. I must say the results left my jaw dangling a few inches above the floor. I was amazed, as I'm sure you all will be. I must weasel a few more pieces out of him...


Tocco is a very special lady. She is my host sister from Japan and she is currently studying abroad here in the US. She's currently staying with me and I "bugged" her to draw me some characters. When she finally did, I screamed for 5 hours straight becuase the results are too cute! Enjoy these cuties!

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