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Hello Mushian readers! Here you'll find links to my other projects, sites, my friend's sites, and other great comics you might enjoy. If you'd like your comic linked with an awesome banner in the "Friends of the Comic" section, please shoot me an email at: and I'd be more than happy to do a link exchange.

- C. Prince

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I have a multitude of other websites from blogs to accounts on various art sites and etc. Please take a look if you have time, I'd really enjoy hearing from you!

C. Prince's Other Projects

As some of you may or may not know I have written a few books as well as comics. I have one fantasy novel (in its final editing stages before I distribute it) and a poetry collection. Please feel free to click the links to the left to the the novel's website or to see previews of either book you can follow the links to thier respective pages. If you end up purchasing something please leave a review or email me as I'd love to here from you!

Friends of the Comic
Sample Art

Title: Jack
Author: David Hopkins
Rating: Web MA (contains Drip)

What can I say about this comic other than it is sheer gritty awesomeness with a fur skin...that if got via clubbing a whole legion of baby seals. This comic has balls to go places many comics won't and its like that tough guy character with a heart of gold. This one I've been reading for years and I highly recommend it.

Title: Psiotechniqa
Author: Alexander Lüthje
Rating: Web NC- 17 (contains Mighty Morphing mega Cock)

This comic will pwn your brains out. Very complex story, with serious parts was well as sheer comedic brain farts. I reccomend this one if you like action, romance, and randomness.

Title: Avarlyn
Author: Chris Sanders & Jerry Williams
Rating: Unknown

A brutal fantasy adventure with a funny bone.

Other Great Comics

Listed to the right are other comics I enjoy and would highly suggest reading. Some are more funny, others more serious but each is, in my opinion, the cream of the crop and should be mentioned here. A quick warning though, the ratings are mixed and not always shown clearly on the comic sites so viewer discretion is advised (in other words, don't complain to me when your virgin eyes are molested.) Enjoy!

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